Friday, March 5, 2010

CNY 2010 (Part One)

CNY was kinda like the last chance to fully enjoy ourselves before the battle with exam begins. I sure did make full use of those two weeks to maximise my "entertainment meter". LOL . From the 1st Day of CNY (chor yat) to last day of CNY (chap goh mei), i had tons of FUN with SN10Rians, my family, besties, my gurls and also some old friends!

1st Day (Chor Yat):
the night before, had reunion dinner with my family and relatives. Went to my grandma's house as usual on every Chor Yat afternoon for lunch. Wanted to catch a movie with my parents at Mid Valley. Made a wrong assumption that KL will be deserted, who knows , I was super wrong! The cinema was jam-packed! T.T didn't manage to get the tickets for Tiger Woohoo even though I queued up for like half an hour.

*kami,sebagai orang MALAYSIA, haruslah menyokong industri perfileman tempatan supaya pasaran tempatan tidak akan dimonopolikan sepenuhnya oleh filem-filem luar negara. * (whoa my BM still dim wor! xD)

2nd Day (Chor Yi)

Didn't go anywhere in the afternoon. Bosannya. Boredom inspired Wye Kik to ask me, Mee Kuan and Wei Jie out for a movie at Jusco Cheras Selatan. WJ's girl tagged along too. Before movies, we had dinner at Foo Villa Restaurant (mee kuan suggested that we eat at a CHINESE restaurant since it was cny). Had a mini lou-sang. (Did i mention that this year I've had ALOT of lou sangs? @@). Oh ya,we watched Wolfman. Mee Kuan was shielding her eyes from all the violent bits in the movie LOL. I had to cover my eyes for two scenes because i was afraid the wolfman might suddenly jump out of nowhere which could lead to me screamin in the cinema (not exactly something to be proud of).

3rd Day (Chor Sam)

Started house-visiting. My cousin sis invited us over for dinner. yum yum. Finally had a taste of homecooked food after few days of dining outside. Yong Tau Fu! =D

4th Day (Chor Sei)
Another dinner of homecooked food. Double Yum! My aunt is a good cook~ Oh ya, I drove my family around those few days . xD

5th Day (Chor Mm)
Jusco Cheras Selatan again for movies. This time with Marilyn, Seng Ju & Junda. Watched this

Banyak celebrities la. And there was the Taylor couple. taylor Swift and taylor Lautner of cos! One trademark phrase from this movie was when Taylor L fell down after failing to clear a hurdle, and Taylor S said : Omg baby! Walk it off,walk it off baby. Ure still hot baby!
after movies went leisure mall for arcade session..visited my cousin sis at nite.

6th Day (Chor Luk)

Finally..HOUSE VISITING WITH MY BESTIES! i missed them loads. =/ Too bad Kha Hoi & Min yee couldn't make it. First,went to Mich's house, then mine, after that Von's. Wye Kik called me over to his house for blackjack session with Chy Munn & Wei Jie.

1st stop: Mich's house. In her room SS-ing

we're foursome, we're awesome!
Miss u peeps loads! <3
2nd stop: my house. using candies as substitutes for poker chips. ahahahaha. gambling machines,aren't we? ;) no lah,candies were for trial purposes only. we used coins afterwards xD.

7th Day(Chor Chat):
Rose's open house. Banyak banyak orang man. Its like literally flooded with people. Von gambled from 1.30 to midnight! Omg so "lan dou" (hardcore gambler). Min Yee, Chy Munn & Wye Kik went too. Didn't take any pics that day cos I was busy doing..*eherm* u know what lor. During CNY~ xD

Part 2 of my CNY be continued...stay tuned =]


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