Friday, March 5, 2010

CNY 2010 (Part One)

CNY was kinda like the last chance to fully enjoy ourselves before the battle with exam begins. I sure did make full use of those two weeks to maximise my "entertainment meter". LOL . From the 1st Day of CNY (chor yat) to last day of CNY (chap goh mei), i had tons of FUN with SN10Rians, my family, besties, my gurls and also some old friends!

1st Day (Chor Yat):
the night before, had reunion dinner with my family and relatives. Went to my grandma's house as usual on every Chor Yat afternoon for lunch. Wanted to catch a movie with my parents at Mid Valley. Made a wrong assumption that KL will be deserted, who knows , I was super wrong! The cinema was jam-packed! T.T didn't manage to get the tickets for Tiger Woohoo even though I queued up for like half an hour.

*kami,sebagai orang MALAYSIA, haruslah menyokong industri perfileman tempatan supaya pasaran tempatan tidak akan dimonopolikan sepenuhnya oleh filem-filem luar negara. * (whoa my BM still dim wor! xD)

2nd Day (Chor Yi)

Didn't go anywhere in the afternoon. Bosannya. Boredom inspired Wye Kik to ask me, Mee Kuan and Wei Jie out for a movie at Jusco Cheras Selatan. WJ's girl tagged along too. Before movies, we had dinner at Foo Villa Restaurant (mee kuan suggested that we eat at a CHINESE restaurant since it was cny). Had a mini lou-sang. (Did i mention that this year I've had ALOT of lou sangs? @@). Oh ya,we watched Wolfman. Mee Kuan was shielding her eyes from all the violent bits in the movie LOL. I had to cover my eyes for two scenes because i was afraid the wolfman might suddenly jump out of nowhere which could lead to me screamin in the cinema (not exactly something to be proud of).

3rd Day (Chor Sam)

Started house-visiting. My cousin sis invited us over for dinner. yum yum. Finally had a taste of homecooked food after few days of dining outside. Yong Tau Fu! =D

4th Day (Chor Sei)
Another dinner of homecooked food. Double Yum! My aunt is a good cook~ Oh ya, I drove my family around those few days . xD

5th Day (Chor Mm)
Jusco Cheras Selatan again for movies. This time with Marilyn, Seng Ju & Junda. Watched this

Banyak celebrities la. And there was the Taylor couple. taylor Swift and taylor Lautner of cos! One trademark phrase from this movie was when Taylor L fell down after failing to clear a hurdle, and Taylor S said : Omg baby! Walk it off,walk it off baby. Ure still hot baby!
after movies went leisure mall for arcade session..visited my cousin sis at nite.

6th Day (Chor Luk)

Finally..HOUSE VISITING WITH MY BESTIES! i missed them loads. =/ Too bad Kha Hoi & Min yee couldn't make it. First,went to Mich's house, then mine, after that Von's. Wye Kik called me over to his house for blackjack session with Chy Munn & Wei Jie.

1st stop: Mich's house. In her room SS-ing

we're foursome, we're awesome!
Miss u peeps loads! <3
2nd stop: my house. using candies as substitutes for poker chips. ahahahaha. gambling machines,aren't we? ;) no lah,candies were for trial purposes only. we used coins afterwards xD.

7th Day(Chor Chat):
Rose's open house. Banyak banyak orang man. Its like literally flooded with people. Von gambled from 1.30 to midnight! Omg so "lan dou" (hardcore gambler). Min Yee, Chy Munn & Wye Kik went too. Didn't take any pics that day cos I was busy doing..*eherm* u know what lor. During CNY~ xD

Part 2 of my CNY be continued...stay tuned =]

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Ohh, my creative juice is flowing now, but I'm too lazy to upload all those pics now. so. a list of my new year resolutions (some achievable, some not or the fattest chance)

1. Score in my AS and A2(the most important resolution)
2. Appreciate the moment with SN10rians. (how sad we have one more year left together =/ )
3. Get less addicted to facebook. (urgghh,what am i talking bout?)
4. Get fitter and trimmer
5. Get my driving license and start drivin xD
6. Meet up at least once a month with my besties/ old classmates/ buddies
7. Love physics.
8. Attend/organise prom
9. Pick up a new skill/talent/sport
10. Get a touch screen + wifi phone
11. Go on a trip with SN10Rians
12. Stay healthy.
13. Meet more new people.
14. Buy more clothes :D
15. Grow taller. ( i know short ppl will hate me for this :P)
16. Visit my alma mater! SEKOLAH SERIIII SURIIIIAAAA.

Announcement *eherm*

*announcement music such as the one in malls*

The author would like to officially announce a short break from blogging. The author will be back in probably, urm, a weeks time. And this time , u can look forward to reading the following posts:

Joyians Gathering
Primary school gathering
New Years Eve with SN10Rians
TARC Jan Intake Orientation Programme.

and the author would like to wish all readers a BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR~
i know its 9 days late..but still, its the thought that counts rite? :D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


7th, 8th and 9th Dec. These were the dates we (Me, Von, Rose,mich & KH. Rose's boy, Nigel tagged along too) decided on after numerous drawbacks and discussions. Finally! My 1st outstation trip without the guidance of my parents! :D Another objective crossed out from my to-do list durin hols!

A BIG thank you to rose for arranging the accomodation for us :) we booked the deluxe room in resort hotel . yes, its a bit pricey, but its super spacious compared to those TINY rooms they have in 1st world.

I <3 skinnies.
Von, Kha hoi & Mich went up by bus.. sorry for making u guys wait so long! :P my parents fetched me up...seriously genting is very near from wonder tarc students always hangout there..haha.. the view from the hotel room
a fascinating yet scary fact about the wardrobe
nothing fishy?
look again! the wardrobe is perfect for peeping toms! lol ==

eeeee..i look short here..
von, me, mich

Chilled in the room for an hour.Then, walked to 1st world plaza...We explored the whole place...and finally agreed on what to have for dinner. Approx 1 hr later. lol

Well, we dont wanna eat any more McD's dont we?
stairway to....vietnamese cuisine. :D

Mich's beef noodle soup.
I always order this whenever i go into a vietnamese restaurant. couldn't resist it. The spring rolls are better than the ones I have in Vietnam Kitchen. Yum yum. but i've to take out the cili padis or i will choke.
rose's fried rice. cute lil 3 bull's eyes
von's coconut braised pork or something..

played UNO...

Rose, Nigel, Brandon ( Rose's bro) and I went down to the arcade while the other three stayed in the room. Kononnya tired. but when I returned , expecting to see the lights off and hear snores, they were video-ing spoofs of themselves! gee~ i'll talk more on the spoofs later on
kiddy stuff......that I happened to be guilty of playing. =P
of cos I wouldn't be playing those games if it were not for this lil fella here =D
helping the kid get his tickets =D

yellowish tapeworms :D
oo look how long the 'tapeworm' is xD

So, after finishing our tokens, headed back to our rooms..saw three sor pors filming themselves on their mobile phones..they were doing spoofs! u know,those hilarious acts..that u normally see on youtube.. and hell yeah, Mich & KH make superb actresses! I on the other hand,suck at i'll jus sit back and enjoy the show! they made many videos.i think bout 10 or more..and each is funny and creative in its own way! and there some pretty humiliating ones..that we swore to each other not to post it up on cyberspace.. just for our personal keepsake..haha.. played truth or dare..i've posted one of the videos at the end of this post..

before sleeping~

Me & rose chatted until 3 something in the morning.. i slept for only 4 hours...the 1st to wake up next morning..cos I know that i'm slow... :P better get ready earlier..

walking to the theme park
haha..u guys are tall enough..but still aint as tall as me =P
wahahahaha~ *WINNER* :D

1st ride we sat: merry-go-round.. == these two "kids" rocking the boat

waiting in queue for cyclone~
ooh its windy out there

queuing up for go-karts. hehe. we had to wear shower caps lol.
1st attempt at jump shot *FAILED* but ended up capturin mich's and kh's hilarious faces...
2nd attempt *FAILED* i look too eager here ==
3rd attempt *FAILED*
finally..on the 4th attempt..SUCCEEDED! kudos to nigel for capturin this moment :D
dont u just love this public phone booths as opposed to the ones we have in malaysia? the vandalised broken public phones?

on board the london double decker bus~
the sun was scorching hot when we sat this..wrong timing ==

HOU YIT ARRRR! as a result, i got a lil sunburn on my nose. now i look like rudolph the red nosed reindeer! X.X
guess who i bumped into? vincent! ex-tarcian..haha

went for the spinner after sitting space shot, something lighter to reduce the adrenaline rush in my body ....after free-falling.. @@ queued up about 45 mins just for the space shot..only me n yvonne had the guts to take the was scary,yes it was, but im proud of myself ..since i've this height phobia thingy..
Beryl's chocolate wonderland..

looks more like alice in wonderland?


von..trying to heave the dictionary?too heavy haha

tick tock on the clock, but the party wont stop (quoting kesha's tick tock song)
hmm. two dinos making out?

went to pizza hut for dinner..haha broke had to eat fast food..then continued playing outdoor...
it was foggy that time..i was using flash..but still got those white specks..
brrr~ cold and windy..
we sat this ride 3 times! hehe.
do not go for this ride. I REPEAT. do not go for this ride. damn lame.
flying jumbos..
it was dri-zzle-ling~

rose before she got dizzy and nauseous.

The ticket was quite worth it, since we played from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm..LOL. Rides that we sat included cyclone, corkscrew(2 times..and i screamed from the start to the end..hoarse voice later on) , go kart, pirate ship, spinner, flying jumbo, space shot, tea cups, merry go round, pirate train, and a few more that i could not remember. trudged back to the hotel, super exhausted.
Showered, then went out for a photo session. Kononnya photo session but ended up buying supper from KFC. pfft.

they should be of the same height but mich was wearin heels that time

"bumped" into torres! couldn't resist takin a snap!
ok .ignore this pic. == maybe i was abit eccentric that time. u know from all the fatigue,and maybe the sunburn.
played cho dai di. mich so damn lucky weih!

here is one of the spoofs we filmed that night! we were all rofl-ing...

Click here to watch "fraternal twins"

Click here to watch Pikaaaa~chu!

Click here to watch merry go round